Deluxe Traction Boards with Built-in Jack Base

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Taking a 4x4 off-road presents the risk of getting stuck. When that happens, few devices can match the efficacy of BUNKER INDUST recovery boards tracks. With a jack base, aggressive teeth and wear-resistant properties, the end goal of this offroad recovery track is to provide you with an unimpeded journey.

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Unleash Your Off-Road Power

Revolutionize your off-road experience with us. Engineered for extreme grip, these boards empower your vehicle to conquer any terrain

Never Stuck, Always Ready

Say goodbye to being stuck and hello to readiness. Bunker Indust redefine off-road rescue, ensuring you're prepared for any adventure twist.

Versatility & Convenience 

The interlocked diamond array offers superior debris and sludge facilitation ability, especially for the jack base in the center, which is compatible with most farm jacks and ARB jack to lift your 4x4.

Improved Formula

Upgraded automotive grade Polypropylene offers excellent property in flexibility and resistance against UV, aging and low temperature, these tracks (weighed 92kg per pair) can even withstand weight of up to 10 tons!

Optimized Construction 

The cross-shaped teeth, well positioned to bite the tyres to prevent vehicle from slipping back, will not melt against drastic wheel spin, and contoured ramps are designed for aneasier entering under the tyre and drive up.


UV-Stabilized Automotive Grade Polypropylene

Package Dimension

41.34"L x 13.39"W x 4.13"H

Product Dimension

40.43"L x 12.91"W x 3.07"H

Nested/Stacked Height (Pair)


Gross Weight

14.77 pounds

Net Weight

13.05 pounds

Maximum Load

10 tons (22,046 lbs)

Ambient Temperatures

-22°F ~ 248°F

Package includes

1 (Pair) BUNKER INDUST Recovery Tracks


1 Year Warranty