Prime Traction Boards with Replaceable Teeth & Steel Plate

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OFF-Road Dominance Redefined

Engineered for extreme terrains – replaceable teeth and robust steel make your journey unstoppable.

Unstoppable Off-Road Power

Conquer any terrain with replaceable teeth and reinforced steel. Elevate your off-road experience.

Ground-breaking Design

Our traction mats feature strong 304 stainless steel plates on both ends that deliver unmatched grip, durability, and secure engagement to conquer any terrain.

On-the-Go Repairs

Unleash the full potential of your journeys with our offroad recovery boards. Let the aggressive teeth, crafted with unbeatable PA 66 and comes with dual color tones, take charge, ensuring a slip-free ride across the roughest mud, snow, or sand. Equipped with a replaceable design and a convenient T-head tool, these game-changing traction boards redefine on-the-go repairs.

Enhanced Performance 

Crafted from automotive-grade Polypropylene, these mats offer superior resistance to UV rays, aging, and extreme temperatures. The interlocked diamond array construction allows for a flexible range of up to 120°, without compromising on strength and reliability.


Material (Traction Board)

 UV-Stabilized Automotive Grade Polypropylene 

Material (Teeth)

 PA (Polyamide) 66

Traction Plate

 304 Stainless Steel

Product Dimension

 47.24"L x 14"W x 3.54"H

Nested/Stacked Height (Pair)


Product Weight

 22.27 Pounds

Maximum Load

 25 Tons

Ambient Temperatures

 -22°F ~ 248°F

Package includes

  • 1 (Pair) BUNKER INDUST Traction Boards (Black)
  • 2 PC (s) BUNKER INDUST Nylon Leashes (Yellow)
  • 1 PC(s) BUNKER INDUST Carry Bag
  • 1 Bag(s) Black Replaceable Teeth
  • 1 Bag(s) Red Replaceable Teeth
  • 1 PC(s) T-head tool


Limited Lifetime